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A Tampa Car Accident Injury Lawyer Can Help You Understand How Your Settlement Works

If you’ve been in a crash and will be receiving a settlement for your medical bills, lost wages, or other accident-related expenses, you may be wondering what to expect and when you’ll get the money. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula for determining when the insurance company will cut your check. Insurance companies don’t have to pay immediately and there are ways that they can delay the payment as well. That’s why it may be helpful to have a car accident injury lawyer help you with your claim. Auto attorneys understand insurance company tactics and they may be able to help you get your claim sooner.

Additionally, they can also guide you through the process to help ensure that all of your accident-related expenses are covered by your settlement. This is important because when you receive your check, you will be asked to sign a statement that essentially eliminates your chance to seek further financial damages for the accident from the parties that are paying in the original settlement. So, if you signed the statement but still had thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills that weren’t covered in the settlement, you may have to cover those on your own.

While you await your settlement, its also a good time to revisit with your car accident injury lawyer how he or she gets paid. At Clark & Martino, P.A., we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we’ll get paid a percentage of your settlement after it is awarded. That percentage is larger if we take your case to trial. For more details on how your settlement will work and to find out if we can help you obtain one, contact us today.