Car Accident Rights: What Are Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim?

One car accident can change your life forever. Whether you are injured or your loved one is injured, a bad car accident can be the catalyst for many years of pain, financial stress, and heartache. Car accidents that cause traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, other debilitating injuries, or death are probably the most devastating […]

Auto Accident Attorneys in Tampa – Knowing When to File a Lawsuit

The auto accident attorneys at Clark | Martino have over 100 years of combined experience representing clients who have been injured through the negligence of others. If you have been hurt and think you may be entitled to financial compensation, it will be necessary for you to initiate legal proceedings before any of the “statutes […]

We Are Tampa Accident Lawyers Certified by The Florida Bar

The city of Tampa, Florida is home to many well-qualified accident lawyers. Even just a cursory search online or in the Yellow Pages will confirm this. However, only a small fraction of the Tampa accident lawyer population has achieved the highest level of evaluation provided by The Florida Bar – board certification. Board certification encompasses […]

Tampa Automobile Accident Attorneys Provide Insight into the Workings of the NHTSA

The automobile accident attorneys at Clark & Martino, P.A., in Tampa recognize that in the absence of a governmental body like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), America’s roadway system would be a much, much less safer place. Part of the Department of Transportation, the NHTSA is a U.S. federal agency that is tasked […]

Your Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer for Many Types of Accidents

Given the different driving conditions, vehicle types, and vehicle operators on the road today, it’s possible to find yourself in a multitude of accident situations. Statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show that more than half of auto accidents in Florida—about 53 percent—result in an injury. Being injured in an […]

Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa Explains the Concept of Tort Reform

As any car accident lawyer knows, tort reform has the potential to fundamentally change how accident victims get compensated for their injuries. Chances are you have heard about tort reform, but aren’t entirely sure what it means and why it is important. In the broadest sense, tort reform refers to a series of proposals that […]

Car Accident Attorney in Tampa Explains the Concept of Tolling

If you think you need the services of a car accident attorney, contact the law firm of Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa. Our skilled personal injury attorneys have a wealth of experience along with a reputation for obtaining good results. One question that will need to be addressed first is whether the statute of […]