Congratulations Anthony D. Martino!

Congratulations to Anthony D. Martino for being appointed by the Chief Judge to serve as Co-Chairman of the 13th Judicial Circuit’s Professionalism Panel!

Along with Mr. William Kalish, Mr. Martino will be addressing issues of unprofessional conduct within the countywide circuit.  As Co-Chairman, Mr. Martino will review and present any complaints to a panel of judges to determine if and how to intervene.   This non-punitive, confidential program is intended to mentor and advise attorneys who may need further direction on the professionalism and courtesy expected of an attorney in accordance with the Oath of Admission to The Florida Bar.  Cases fielded by the Panel that involve more serious violations will be referred to the Florida Bar.

Mr. Martino’s proven reputation and high standards of conduct have positioned him for this appointment and Clark Martino Law is proud to have Anthony D. Martino as a partner.

Click here to learn more about the Professionalism Committee including the complaints addressed, the history of the committee, and how to make a confidential complaint.




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