Finding a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer for Accidents When Visiting Florida

Perhaps you visited Tampa, FL from Chicago in the winter, so that you could enjoy some warmer weather for a while. Or, maybe you vacationed here so that you could check out Busch Gardens and the Tampa Bay area beaches. While you were here, you may have noticed that our area roads are filled with local and tourism traffic, and unfortunately, our fair share of traffic accidents.

If you get into a car accident while you’re visiting Tampa for business or vacation, it can be a real hassle to coordinate bills, accident reports, insurance claims, and other paperwork once you’re back in the comfort of your hometown. You might be wondering if you should get a lawyer from home or one from Tampa, where the accident occurred. Because of different state laws surrounding car accidents, it’s important to find a lawyer within the city where the accident took place. A Tampa car accident lawyer can help you answer those tough questions, including:

  • How you will pay for your medical bills
  • Where you should file any lawsuits
  • How to deal with wage recovery
  • How to investigate the accident scene
  • And More

Finding a lawyer within the Tampa area is convenient, also. While you are able to recover and relax in the comfort of your own home, your Tampa car accident lawyer will dig into your case and do all the hard work. An out-of-town or out-of-state attorney is not likely to take flights back and forth to meet with the at-fault party’s lawyers or insurance adjusters. However, if you have a local-based Tampa car accident attorney, he or she will be better able to communicate with the at-fault party as well as local police and witnesses. The at-fault party—and their insurance company—also will realize that your attorney is familiar with local laws and therefore will have the knowledge to demand what your claim is worth.

Getting into a car accident anywhere is taxing, but when it happens when you are far from home, it can feel even worse. Being unfamiliar with area doctors and medical teams, not having the comforts of your own home, and the general stress from an auto accident can add up – financially, physically, and mentally. Get a Tampa car accident lawyer to deal with the paperwork and legal proceedings from your case. You need time to recover.

Contact an experienced accident lawyer in Tampa from Clark &Martino to receive a free consultation and review of your case.


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