Before You Hire a Tampa Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney, Check out FindLaw, Nolo, Justia, and Other Free Legal Information Websites

It isn’t every day that you need to hire a motor vehicle accident attorney. Fortunately, searching for qualified attorneys in Tampa and just learning more about your legal rights is relatively easy thanks to the growing number of free legal information websites. Although certainly not a substitute for advice provided to you by an attorney, much of the legal information available online today can be useful to you in understanding your legal needs.

Take FindLaw, for example. FindLaw is a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters and has been a trustworthy source for free legal information since the mid-1990s. On FindLaw, you can search for lawyers, purchase and download routine legal forms, and find information on a wide range of legal topics, from adoption and copyright law to traffic tickets and workers’ compensation. Through its FindLaw Answer service, you can even pose questions to a message board and get feedback from others in the FindLaw community, many of them lawyers.

But, by no means are you limited to just FindLaw. Many other sites out there provide freeaccess to legal codes, court opinions, law firm directories, do-it-yourself legal guides, law articles, blogs, podcasts, news stories, and much more. These include Nolo, Justia, Hieros Gamos (HG), the Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell University, and lexisONE. In the event you need to hire a motor vehicle accident attorney, it might be worth your while to explore these and other sites and see what they have to offer. Be sure to look for information that is specific to Florida, since laws often differ significantly from state to state.

To speak to an attorney in person, contact Clark & Martino, P.A., a personal injury law firm in Tampa and a provider of aggressive yet affordable legal services.


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