Glossary of Legal Terms – Q


From “Quantum meruit” to “Quitclaim deed”

Quantum meruit
Expression means “as much as he deserves,” and describes the extent of liability on a contract implied by law.

To vacate or void a summons, subpoena, etc.

An obligation created by the law in the absence of an agreement or contract; not based upon the intentions or expressions of the parties.

Quasi-criminal action
A classification of actions such as violation of a city ordinance that is not also violation of a criminal statute, which are wrongs against the public punishable through fines but are not usually indictable offenses.

Quid pro quo
What for what; something for something; giving one valuable thin- for another.

Quiet title action
A court proceeding to remove a cloud on the title to real property.

Quitclaim deed
A deed without warranty of title which passes whatever title the grantor has to another.


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