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You Have A Right To Pursue Compensation After A Serious Bike Injury

All too often, drivers are distracted and are not paying attention. This can lead to a collision with a vulnerable bicyclist. In instances when a driver was speeding, distracted or neglected to look or stop for a bicyclist, the physical injuries can be devastating.

At Clark | Martino, our seasoned team of attorneys understands what constitutes negligence and what to do to pursue maximum compensation. We are committed to providing injured people professional, proven and productive legal representation. While we cannot guarantee results, we can tell you that we have recovered more than $300 million for the injured clients we’ve represented. We will always pursue the full medical and financial support that your accident requires and you deserve.

The Types Of Damages That We Pursue

After an accident, you may be in pain. You may not be able to work, care for yourself, socialize or do the things you enjoy. But the bills will still be due. These bills will likely also include medical and therapy bills, prescriptions and, possibly, equipment required to help you get better. As attorneys with decades of personal injury experience, we can assess your situation, review your medical condition and pursue the total compensation you will need, given the state of your injury. Damages we typically pursue include:

  • The total cost of all medical care and all related medical bills
  • Damages paid for your pain, emotional trauma, suffering or the loss of a loved one
  • Reimbursement for all lost pay and any lost earning ability
  • Compensation for the loss of or damage to your property
  • Continuing care for any and all disabilities caused by the accident, especially head, neck and spine injuries

Accidents are stressful. They put stress on you and your family, both physically and financially. We want to help. We have the resources immediately available to go after the total compensation you need and deserve. We show up. Our staff is dedicated to helping you get through the trauma and stress that the accident has caused. We have the experience needed to fight for what’s right.

Over 30 Years Of Legal Assistance To Victims

At Clark | Martino, our team of highly experienced personal injury lawyers has been helping accident victims and their families for over three decades. We are committed to getting you the medical care you need while representing your best interests. We always offer a free, no-obligation consultation. We know you have questions. We have answers. Call 813-807-4737 or connect with our team by using our website contact form.