Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are everywhere in Florida. Sadly, along with the growing number of motorcycles also comes an increase in motorcycle accidents. If you or someone you know has recently been in a motorcycle accident, it is important for you to find an experienced Tampa, Florida motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Based in Tampa, Clark and Martino, P.A. is a firm of trial lawyers who have lived and worked in Florida for generations. The lawyers at Clark and Martino, P.A. are more than personal injury attorneys. We are motorcycle accident lawyers who know exactly what you should do as a motorcycle accident victim in Florida, and we are here to give you a FREE consultation.

It’s no secret that motorcyclists in Florida love to feel the wind blowing in their hair and the glorious freedom of the open road. In addition to the simple pleasures of biking, motorcycle use has flourished in Florida’s Tampa Bay area for several reasons:

  • Motorcycles are relatively inexpensive to buy

  • They use less fuel than other vehicles

  • Florida has pleasant weather all year long

  • Florida hosts several large biker events every year

Florida has more relaxed helmet laws than many other states.

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