Clark and Martino, P.A.: Your NBTA Board Certified Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

In any field, you will find different levels of competence. Whether you’re speaking to financial planners, roofing contractors, or doctors, you will notice that some are simply better at their jobs than others. Attorneys are no different. All lawyers are not created equal in their experience and capabilities, but you may be surprised to learn that all lawyers are free to accept any case they choose, regardless of their past successes (or failures).

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) was created to address inconsistencies in the legal profession. Founded in 1977, the NBTA strives to improve the quality of trial advocacy in U.S. courtrooms, as well as help consumers find experienced trial lawyers. One main objective of the NBTA is to provide board certification for attorneys who demonstrate the proper credentials. In doing so, the NBTA also separates board certifications into different specialties, for example, civil trial law, criminal trial law, and family law. At Clark and Martino, P.A., both James W. Clark and Anthony D. Martino are NBTA board certified in Civil Trial Law.

There are several reasons why being board certified by the NBTA is important in your decision to hire a Tampa personal injury attorney. Every NBTA board certified attorney has met the rigorous standards for certification, including but not limited to the following:

  • < Be a member of the bar in good standing
  • Submit a writing sample
  • Participate in continuing legal education
  • Provide a peer review from three judges and three attorneys
  • Show documented trial skills
  • Pass the NBTA exam

When choosing any attorney, including a Tampa personal injury attorney, it makes sense to consider one with NBTA certification. NBTA board certification gives you an objective source for understanding the differences between one attorney and another.


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