Will PIP Reform Lower Your Premiums? Ask the Automobile Accident Attorneys at Our Tampa Law Firm

As all automobile accident attorneys in Tampa and throughout Florida are undoubtedly aware, the legislature in Tallahassee recently overhauled the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) laws. Depending on who you ask, PIP reform is either long overdue or just the latest in a string of concessions provided to the insurance industry. However, to most people in Florida, the main issue surrounding PIP reform is the affect that it will have on car insurance premiums. Backers of the legislation said that car insurance premiums would drop, whereas others weren’t as optimistic. Several months after the reforms became law, there remains mixed opinion about whether premiums will drop as the insurance companies had promised.

The automobile accident attorneys at Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa can explain more, but as of October 2012, it appears as if car insurance premiums will not rise or fall in any appreciable way. Perhaps it is just too early to gauge the effect that PIP reform will have on the state. On the other hand, insurance premium decreases or even small increases serve as evidence to some that the reforms are working.

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