Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa Explains the Difference between Settlement and Litigation

A car accident lawyer from Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa can represent you if you’ve been hurt. Being involved in a car accident is no doubt one of the most traumatic things that can happen to you, and if you’ve been injured seriously it could be months or even years until your case is fully resolved.

Most car accident cases end in some kind of settlement – you and your insurance company agree on the amount of financial compensation you will receive. How you get compensated is decided through negotiation, and once a settlement is reached you will not be allowed to seek additional compensation in court. Litigation, on the other hand, is what parties resort to when negotiations break down. It is a much more formal process, one that often leads to a trial where the final outcome of the dispute is put in the hands of a judge or jury.

Whatever direction your case ultimately takes, the importance of hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you cannot be overstated. At Clark & Martino, the services we provide can spell the difference in the outcome of your case. Whether it’s negotiating aggressively with your insurance company for a proper settlement or managing your case up to and including trial, our top priority will be to achieve the most beneficial results possible for you.

For more information, contact Clark & Martino, P.A. today. A car accident lawyer at our firm will be happy to speak with you about your accident and to explain what your various options are.


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