Call a Tampa Car Accident Attorney Immediately to Avoid Problems with the Statute of Limitations

After a car accident, there are a lot of things you have to consider. Between medical bills, recovering, and getting back to work, it can be hard to think about talking to a lawyer. However, it is important that you know about the statue of limitations in Florida. A statute of limitations in civil cases is a legal time limit that an injured person has to file a lawsuit for his or her case. Therefore, if you do have a legal case that needs attention, it must be taken care of in a timely fashion to ensure you get the benefits and reparations you deserve.

At Clark & Martino, a Tampa car accident attorney can discuss with you the different limitations you face if you’ve been in an accident. You should speak with a car accident lawyer as soon as you can so that the attorney you choose has an appropriate amount of time to prepare the strongest case possible. Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide you all the information you need.

Different cases in Tampa and the rest of Florida have different limitations, including:

  • Car accidents – 4 years from the date of the accident
  • Uninsured motorist claims – 5 years from the date of the accident
  • Contract-based personal injury cases – 5 years
  • Medical malpractice – 2 years from the time that the injured person knew or should have known of the malpractice

You should also be aware that Florida law is constantly changing and may significantly shorten the statute of limitation in your particular case. This makes it even more imperative that you speak with a Tampa car accident attorney as soon as you possibly can to ensure you won’t be left out in the cold.

Our experienced Tampa personal injury attorneys at Clark &Martino will go to the lengths necessary to make sure you don’t lose your chance for compensation. After you’re in a car accident, call our offices in Tampa Bay at 1-888-868-5615 for more information on the statute of limitations or to find out how you can get a free consultation with one of our attorneys.


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