Accident Lawyers in Tampa Who Can Help You Obtain a Structured Settlement

At Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa, our accident lawyers are skilled, dedicated professionals who always put the interests of their clients first. If you have been seriously injured in an auto, motorcycle, or boating accident, our lawyers can be relied on to provide the necessary assistance. One thing in particular our accident lawyers can pursue is what is known as a structured settlement. Instead of obtaining a lump sum payment as compensation for your injuries, you can opt to receive periodic payments over time. For example, if you are involved in a serious accident and settle with the defendant for $300,000, a structured settlement can be set up in such a way as to pay you $30,000 per year for 10 years. Alternatively, it can be set up to pay you $10,000 per year for 30 years.

Whether a structured settlement is best for you is something the accident lawyers at Clark & Martino are qualified to help you answer. Our biggest concern is your well-being and our firm is prepared to do whatever is necessary to help you recover from your injuries and move forward with your life. With offices in Downtown Tampa, Clark & Martino is a nationally recognized trial law firm that handles cases relating to auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, product defects, and class actions.

For more information, contact the accident lawyers at Clark & Martino, P.A. today. We look forward to speaking with you about your case.


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