Tips for Choosing a Car Accident Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Finding a good car accident attorney in Tampa isn’t as simple as just opening up a phone book or doing a quick Google search online. There are literally hundreds of attorneys in Tampa that represent victims of serious auto accidents, and short of consulting with every single one, you are going to have find some way to make the search more manageable. One method is to limit your search to attorneys in Tampa who are board certified. Board certification is the highest level of evaluation provided by The Florida Bar, and is held by fewer than seven percent of all practicing lawyers in the state. Generally speaking, a car accident attorney that is board certified can be expected to provide a superior level of service to you as a client.
A second thing you might want to keep in mind when searching for an attorney is the difference between general practice law firms and law firms that specialize. At a general practice law firm, you will find attorneys who do everything from bankruptcy and real estate to family law and workers’ compensation. A “boutique” law firm, on the other hand, is one that focuses on a single area of law in which it has a great amount of expertise. If you have been hurt badly in an auto accident, would you rather be represented by a general practice firm, or by a firm that handles personal injury cases exclusively?
To learn more, contact a car accident attorney at Clark & Martino, P.A. – a boutique personal injury law firm in Tampa and home to several board certified attorneys.


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