Automobile Accident Attorneys with Trial Experience are Important for Tampa, Florida Crash Victims

In Tampa, Florida several area automobile accident attorneys advertise on TV, the radio, and billboards, and while they may all look and sound similar, they aren’t. If you are in need of serious representation for a car accident case, proceed with caution. Many of the automobile accident attorneys competing for your attention could fail you in the long run. That’s because they may not have the experience or resources necessary to take your case to trial.

Trials are expensive, and legal proceedings can drag out for years in and out of the courtroom. Large, powerful insurance companies sometimes use this to their advantage by simply waiting out automobile accident attorneys who can’t go the distance. They may use their size once a trial begins too, by employing a team of powerful attorneys that could easily defeat a lawyer with little to no trial experience. And because these insurance companies regularly deal with attorneys in Tampa and other cities, they know which firms are real opponents and which are easily beaten. That’s why you should consider selecting a trial lawyer, like any of the attorneys at Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa, FL. Insurance companies may be more likely to settle early—and fairly— if they know that a long, expensive trial is the other alternative.

At Clark & Martino we treat every automobile accident case as if it’s going to trial, even though we can often settle earlier. That means we set aside the time and money to prepare your case for court in case it’s needed. The best part is that this deep commitment requires no upfront financial contribution from you. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if and when you receive a settlement. If you’d like to learn more about hiring one of our automobile accident attorneys, call us today at 1-888-868-5615.We’ll provide you with a free consultation about your case to determine if we can represent you.


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