A Tampa Automobile Accident Attorney Explains the Different Types of Financial Compensation

In the unfortunate event that you become injured in an automobile accident, hiring an attorney will be a virtual necessity. Aside from helping to make sure that you get adequate medical treatment for your injuries, your attorney’s most important task will be to help you obtain financial compensation. Whether it’s through settlement or trial, you deserve to be compensated for all of the expenses traceable to your accident. At Clark & Martino, P.A. in Tampa, Florida, we represent victims of auto accidents and can help you obtain the compensation that you need.

Auto accident compensation can be broken down into “economic” and “non-economic” damages. Economic damages will compensate you for monetary costs such as hospital bills, chiropractic treatment, prescription medicine, car repair, lost wages, and a reduction of future earning capacity. Non-economic damages are those that compensate for losses that are difficult to quantify such as pain and suffering, bodily disfigurement, and the loss of a close family member. Hiring a fully qualified automobile accident attorney is the first step toward maximizing the amount compensation that you ultimately receive.

Clark & Martino, P.A. is a personal injury law firm whose attorneys have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. We handle cases involving spinal injuries, brain injuries, internal organ injuries, burn injuries, and loss of limb injuries. Hiring an automobile accident attorney from our Tampa firm is a crucial step on your road to recovery.

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