Why You Should Contact a Tampa Accident Attorney Immediately after a Tampa Area Collision

Upon being injured in a Tampa area car accident, you have a lot of issues to juggle. You’ll want to contact your insurance company to report the accident. You’ll want to see about repairing or replacing your car. You’ll have to talk to your employer about missed days at work. Most importantly, you’ll want to get medical care for your injuries.

Among all these tasks, contacting a Tampa accident attorney should be high on your list of priorities. There are multiple reasons why time is of the essence in hiring an accident lawyer in Tampa, including:

  • Your attorney will need to complete an investigation of your accident while memories and evidence are still fresh.
  • Your lawyer will want to handle insurance companies and claims from the very beginning, in a way that ensures you will receive a maximum settlement for your injuries.
  • Your Tampa accident attorney can help you find local doctors who are willing to treat your injuries while your personal injury case and settlement is pending.
  • Your lawyer will be better able to help you keep track of your medical bills and other financial losses you experience.
  • Your lawyer will be constrained by the statute of limitations for injuries in Florida car accidents, which means if you find yourself needing to file a lawsuit, your lawyer will have to do so within four years from the date of the accident, or else forever lose your chance to be compensated for your injuries.

Often, the most important advantage you can give your Tampa accident attorney is time. By finding and hiring a Tampa auto accident lawyer quickly, you will provide your lawyer with the best chance of winning the maximum compensation possible for your injuries—compensation you will need for medical bills, lost wages, lost ability to work, future medical care, and more.

To speak to a Tampa accident attorney from Clark & Martino, P.A. about injuries you or a loved one suffered in a Tampa Bay area collision, please contact our offices for a free consultation about your case.


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