Your Car Accident Claims: Who Is Liable to Pay?

A car accident scene is chaotic at best. People involved in a car accident endure the stress of injuries, damage to vehicles, lost days at work, and possibly lifelong disabilities. While sorting through the conundrum of how to handle these situations, those involved also must determine who or what caused the accident, and whether anyone involved is liable to pay for the damages endured by others.

With decades of experience in trial law and personal injury, the Tampa car accident lawyers at Clark and Martino, P.A., know how to get to the bottom of who should be financially liable for car accident injuries. Since car accidents can be caused by a multitude of circumstances, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who can conclude whether any of the following parties is responsible in a court of law:

  • Car insurance companies: including your car insurance company and another driver’s car insurance company
  • Your health insurance company
  • The employer of a driver involved in the accident: if one of the drivers was on-the-clock when the accident occurred
  • An automobile manufacturer: if a manufacturing defect caused the accident or injuries in the accident
  • Home or business insurance: if the accident occurred on someone else’s property
  • Municipal responsibility: if a city, county, or state agency was negligent by presenting unsafe conditions on the roadway

For more information on determining who may be liable to pay for injuries sustained in a car accident, please make an appointment for a free consultation with a car accident attorney in Tampa at our Tampa, Florida headquarters by calling Clark and Martino, P.A., at 1-888-868-5615.


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