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Our decades of experience have helped us create a clear record of success.

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At Clark | Martino, we have been helping people since 1972. We understand the challenges that people face after being seriously injured. From lost wages to medical bills and the strain recovery puts on the injured and those who care about them, the reality is that most people face a long and difficult road after an accident. They need all the help they can get. Our experience allows us to create results that make that road easier to navigate.

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We are committed to helping those who have been seriously injured. Everyone wishes their accident had not happened. We understand that. But, we also understand that only hard work will help our clients gain the future they deserve. We are a highly skilled team of personal injury lawyers and legal professionals who make securing the best possible future for you our top priority.

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Choosing a lawyer can be difficult. Most people have been fortunate enough to possibly never have needed one before. But, once you have been seriously injured, your need for exceptional legal representation becomes almost immediate. The insurance companies are not on your side and you need to have someone with extensive experience there to look out for your best interests. We are here for you. We will identify your needs and build a case that can deliver the results you deserve.

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“Mr. Clark went above and beyond to help me.
Once he stepped in everything changed for the better. Without his help the insurance company would have walked all over me.”

“This is a firm that prequalifies. They take the time to research and then don’t give up till they reach the best result for your case. Mr Martino and his staff are caring and sensitive to your pain and suffering and look out for your best interest to make sure your long term will be as comfortable as possible.”

“From obtaining their services to finalizing my legal matters, this law firm is on top of things. Phone calls, emails and letters were always sent to me giving me updates etc. I will be more than happy to refer this firm to my friends and family. They are 1000% helpful and courteous.”

“Office staff are very friendly and ready to help. Mr. Clark is a great attorney. Very straightforward with no sugar coating. I like that!”

“Clark & Martino firm have helped me resolve several personal injury cases that even other firms didn’t want to take. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney in the Tampa Bay Area!”

“I have dealt with several attorneys over the years and could not be any happier with the law firm of Clark Martino. I would highly recommend calling them if you have been injured.”


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