Challenges continue after losing a limb in a crash

You may never overcome the loss of a limb, but the adjustments you make just may help you prevail and carry on with your life. Granted, you face plenty of challenges thanks to the negligence of a driver whose car crashed into your motorcycle. However, now, you must look ahead

2 factors that can affect the likelihood of a rollover accident – and its severity

Car accidents happen every day. Rollover crashes can be one of the most devastating types of traffic accidents. A recent rollover crash on Interstate 4 resulted in significant delays for commuters. While details about the vehicle and passengers involved in this accident were not reported…

Safety first: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Every year, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month arrives in May. And every year, drivers must understand that motorcyclists are present on roads and have every right to be there.
Still, every year, many motorcyclists and their passengers sustain serious and even fatal injuries in crashes…