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Accident prevention tips for delivery drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

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As a delivery driver, you navigate through heavy traffic and congestion. Although your stops are typically short distances apart, the amount of driving you do, where you drive and how often you stop increases your likelihood of a traffic accident.

Like most delivery drivers, distractions make you vulnerable and can cause you to hit vehicles in front of you, backing up and driving through intersections. These are a few tips to help you avoid motor vehicle collisions.

Avoiding rear-end collisions

Inclement weather, impairment, speed or tailgating put you at risk of a collision. Therefore, increase the distance between you and vehicles in front of you. Watch for traffic congestion ahead of you. Avoid distractions, such as your cell phone or checking your GPS or radio station. Finally, when traffic is heavy, avoid stopping and speeding up quickly.

Avoiding collisions when you back up

Park so that you will not have to back up when you leave, if possible. Check the perimeter of your vehicle before you get in to identify any obstructions or dangers. Then, check your mirrors and blind spots before you back up, and move slowly. Continuously look for pedestrians or vehicles as you continue backward.

Avoiding intersection accidents

Watch for other vehicles pulling wide, erratic or U-turns, stopping or taking off fast and driving distracted. Watch traffic and slow your speed dramatically when you approach intersections. Avoid making turns until all the vehicles in front of you are out of the intersection, and turn slowly. Finally, do not change lanes in or near these areas.

As the driver of a larger vehicle, you are responsible for being proactive in preventing collisions. Learn defensive driving and adopt patience, especially in high-traffic areas. Always prioritize safety.