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Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Our trial attorney team at Clark | Martino, has extensive experience with motorcycle accidents. We’ve recovered over $300 million for our injured clients. We understand the hows and whys of the accidents. We also know how to prove who was at fault and how to pursue maximum compensation. We offer a free consultation to injured motorcyclists and their passengers.

Why So Many Drivers Don’t “See” Motorcyclists

The reason so many drivers “look but don’t see” motorcyclists is that they are not consciously looking for or expecting a motorcycle. This is why so many drivers turn directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Sadly, this causes many serious and even fatal accidents.

Types Of Injuries We See After Motorcycle Accidents

Any part of the body can be injured in a motorcycle accident. We will help you no matter where you were hurt. The more common injuries we see after a motorcycle accident include:

If you were the driver or passenger on a motorcycle that was involved in a crash, speak to a member of our team about your rights. The consultation is free. We take cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing until we win a settlement (negotiated outside of court) or a verdict (won in a court trial) for you. Our focus is personal injury cases.

Seven Damages We Typically Pursue After A Motorcycle Crash

Our seasoned team of attorneys has handled hundreds of vehicle and motorcycle accident cases. We understand what types of compensation to pursue and what types of damages you will have after an accident. We typically pursue the compensation to cover:

  1. Your medical bills and the care or therapy you will need as you recover
  2. The specific accommodations you need due to the accident or a new disability
  3. The loss of or damage to your motorcycle or other property
  4. All the wages you were unable to earn as a result of the accident
  5. The amount of money you are unable to earn because of your injury
  6. Loss of consortium – time with your spouse and your children
  7. Your pain and suffering

Every accident is different, and not all damages are pursued in every case. In our consultation, we can talk about what happened to you, your injury, what you lost and what to pursue.

Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident In Detail With Our Injury Attorneys

We’d like to help you understand what your rights are, when and how to pursue a claim and how much your injuries and losses are worth. Call 813-807-4737 or email us for a free consultation. During your consult, we can go into the details of what happened and give you a better idea of the road ahead. Located in Tampa, we have been serving clients throughout the Tampa area and Hillsborough County for over 30 years.